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Letter by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassyto Berlingske on China-Denmark Joint Research on Giant Pandas
2019-07-02 22:21

The Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Denmarkrecently wrote a letter to Berlingske in response to a comment on China-Denmark joint research on giant pandas. Berlingske published the letter on 2 July 2019.

Nicholai Svejgaard Poulsen's comment "What does a panda cost?" (June 25) is biased and full of wild accusations. He gave no evidence at all to support his allegations. When he throws mud on the lovely pandas, Mao Er and Xin Er from my country, I cannot sit on my hands. The pandas are warmly welcomed by the Danish people and loved by the children in this country. They are so popular that people have to queue up for almost an hour to see them. I believe most people in Denmark do not share Mr Poulsen's view. It is common for zoos to have animals from other countries. One can find African lions, Asian elephants, Australian kangaroos and many others in Chinese zoos. China has conducted research cooperation on panda with 19 countries, mostly Western countries. China has never used panda to exert influence and no panda has ever been recalled for political reason over the years. Are they a symbol? Yes, a symbol of goodwill from the Chinese people.

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