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Ambassador Feng Tie’s Video Address at the Event Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Chengdu-Horsens Sister-city Relationship
2023-11-23 00:15

Dear guests and friends, Ladies and gentlemen,

Very glad to attend today’s event. Let me offer warm congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Chengdu- Horsens sister-city relationship.

Over the past decade, Chengdu and Horsens had fruitful cooperation in culture, education, elderly care, etc. The two cities jointly established the Chengdu Horsens Primary School. It is known as the most beautiful primary school in Chengdu. The theme of this event "Chengdu and Horsens, friendship and fulfillment", is the best summary of the exchanges and cooperation between the two cities.

China-Denmark friendship has a long history. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations, cooperation has made considerable progress in various fields over the past 74 years.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between China and Denmark. The two countries launched a Green Joint Work Programme and have witnessed frequent high-level mutual visits. Cooperation in trade and commerce, green transition and health care, etc continues to  deepen and strengthen. The relationship embraces new opportunities and enjoys a strong growth momentum.

Cooperation at regional or city level is an important part and a key pillar of the bilateral relations. Now there are18 pairs of twinning partnership between regions and cities. They have contributed a lot to friendship between the two peoples.

I hope such cooperation could be further expanded and enriched, people-to-people exchanges enhanced, and mutual understanding and friendship strengthened. This will fully demonstrate the vitality of exchanges and cooperation between sister cites and regions, which will play an even bigger role in the sound and steady China-Denmark relations and the well-being of the two peoples. I sincerely hope more exchanges between the young could take place between our regions and cities, so as to foster new driving force for our friendship. I  look forward to seeing more twinning partnerships between China and Denmark. The Chinese Embassy will always be ready to promote such partnership.

Thank you.

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