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Embassy Spokesperson’s Remarks on Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023
2023-05-16 05:12

The organizer of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit is an organization that has long been spreading malicious lies and disinformation about China. This year, the so-called summit, once again, plays up the “China threat” and the false narrative of “democracy versus autocracy” to slander and discredit China. This fully shows the arrogance, prejudice and arbitrariness of the organizer and some participants.

China develops whole-process people's democracy, which enables more than 1.4 billion Chinese people to be true masters of their country and enjoy extensive rights and freedoms. This is democracy in its broadest, most genuine, and most effective form. At the same time, China is committed to world peace and stability. China does not engage in geopolitical contests and has no intention to challenge or threaten any country. The real threats to world peace, stability and development come from those who incite ideological antagonism, undermine international rules and clamor for “new Cold War” and bloc confrontation.

In addition, I wish to stress that we hope to see peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. It is the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and external interference forces that are repeatedly making provocations and undermining peace and stability in the region. The Chinese government and people are firm in their determination to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. China's national reunification must be realized. “Taiwan independence” is against the tide of history and will lead nowhere but to a dead end.

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