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Consular Notice: Be Alert to Telemarketing Scam
2019-09-12 14:57

Recently, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Denmark has received several reports from Chinese citizens on attempted telemarketing scams, when they were asked by scammers in the name of the Embassy,to pick up important letters, documents or packages at the Embassy.

The Embassy has repeatedly reminded Chinese citizens in Denmark to stay alert to all kinds of telemarketing scams to avoid property loss. The Embassy hereby reiterates:

1. The Embassy will not contact anyone by phone about package and letter pick up or unsettled cases in China, and will not put anyone through to relevant government agencies in China or ask for bank account information, bank transfer or remittance. Relevant government agencies in China will not contact anyone by phone or social media.

2. Never give your personal information such asname, address, family and bank information to strangers. Don't be taken in when asked"not to contact your friends or family for their safety" or by any other unreasonable suggestions. Stay calm and find out what has really happened if a stranger calls to inform you of "a traffic accident to a family member", "kindnapping of a child" or "accidental death of a family member". Even if such an emergency emerges, the Embassy will never ask for bank information and bank transfer.

3. To apply for passports or travel documentsis a personal decision. The Embassy will not call to ask for payment by transfer or bank account information for passport extension or renewal. Do not believe any calls asking for passport renewal or bank account information.

If you have been deceived, please report to the Danish police or public security agenciesin China immediately and contact your bank to freeze youraccount. If you are enable to report to the public security agencies in China directly, you can ask your relatives in China to report and seek help from the local Anti-Telemarketing ScamCenter.

Danish Police:114/+4533141448

Global Consular Protection and Emergency Service Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC:

+86-10-12308 or+86-10-59913991

Consular protection of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Denmark:


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