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Little Mermaid Back Home
2010-11-22 20:11
                                                 To Little Mermaid

                        By Xie Hangsheng,Ambassador of China in Denmark

            On the occasion of the return of Little Mermaid from Shanghai Expo


Shall I Welcome you back! Beloved Little Mermaid

From the long voyage of yours with glory  and triumph.

As paragon of beauty and amour and messenger from a friend

You have traveled all the way for peace and love

There you were! Carrying the will, bearing the trust,

As envoy of culture and friendship, for peace of world.

There you were! On the bank of Huangpu River,

In the centre of brilliant pavilion of your fairy land.

Behold! your gorgeous body, enchanting eyes,

You are singing a lovely paean silently


Shall I say congratulations beloved Little Mermaid,

No envoy in Denmark could be a companion to you.

In a blink of eye, one hundred and eighty days have passed.

5 million admirers have come and paid their visit to you.

As long as they were there and their eyes can see,

Obsessed they are by your beauty, and with the touching story. 

A colorful Denmark is known to the land of dragon

Yes! Glory and fame belong to Denmark and thee!


Allow me to give you my best wishes, beloved Little Mermaid,

In tranquil harbor of Zealand, embraced by the sea,

Here you are! Sitting like you have never left,

Only you are more than the daughter of the Baltic sea

Only you are more than a spirit of the fairy heroine

The trip to Shanghai, also a trip to a brand new world

As a witness, you've seen the amazing Shanghai Expo

You've seen the tremendous changes on the oriental ancient land

You've become a new legend for people of both countries

Connecting the West and the East you'll be the bond.


(Translated by Li Wenjie and Fan Mengmeng)

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