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Remarks of Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Denmark regarding the TV2 documentary on Covid-19 origins study
2021-08-13 02:40

On August 12, Danish TV channel TV2 aired a documentary on the origin studying of COVID-19. This documentary, full of specious assumptions and vague inferences, is not based on facts but presuppositions and aims to smear China and politicize the origin studying issue by misleading the audience. During the making of the documentary, our embassy provided sufficient and detailed materials to TV2, but none of them is mentioned in the final production.

The fact is that since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has attached high importance to the study into the origins of the virus. We have actively participated in global cooperation with an open and science-based attitude. We have twice invited WHO experts, including experts from Denmark, to carry out joint research on origin-tracing. In China, the experts went to all the places they wanted to go, including the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and met all the people they wanted to meet. After the trip, their conclusion was that laboratory leak is extremely unlikely. Their recommendations were to search for possible early cases on a global scale, and study the possibility of cold-chain transmission of virus. These conclusions and recommendations are scientific and authoritative, which should be respected and upheld, and serve as the basis for the second phase of study.

I wish to stress that China will continue to take an active part in global traceability cooperation in an open, transparent and responsible manner. But we firmly reject politicizing origin-tracing. Origin-tracing is a serious and complex scientific question that requires the collaboration of scientists around the world and joint efforts and cooperation of governments and people of all countries. The only way to succeed in tracing the origin of the virus is to firmly follow the path of science with scientific attitude, scientific method and scientific facts.

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