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Notice on Adjustment of Requirements for Chinese Visa Application(Updated on 30 June)
2022-06-30 21:40

Starting from 16 June 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Denmark updates its visa application requirements as follows:

1. Applicants intending to work in mainland China can apply for Z visa by submitting the routine documents, including valid Notification Letter of Foreigner's Work Permit or Foreigner's Work Permit. Invitation letters (PU or TE) issued by relevant Chinese authorities are no longer required.

2. Applicants intending to visit mainland China for resuming work and production can apply for M or F visa by submitting the routine documents. Invitation letters (PU or TE) are no longer required, with exceptions for those required by special conditions.

3. Family members (including spouse, parents, children under the age of 18, parents of spouse) of those foreign nationals working or resuming work and production in mainland China can apply for visas with the routine documents, without providing invitation letters (PU or TE).

4. Family members (including spouse, parents, parents of spouse, children and their spouses, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren) of Chinese citizens or foreign nationals with permanent residence status in mainland China can apply for visas for reunion or family visit by submitting routine documents.

Special Reminders:

1. Applicants should be inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines licensed or approved for emergency use by China or the WHO. Vaccination certificates should be submitted together with the routine documents when applying for visas.

2. Visas for tourists or visits for medical treatment or other personal matters are not considered for the moment.

3. Since international flights are still in the process of gradual resumption, air ticket orders are not mandatory when applying for visas.

4. The above types of visas are processed by the China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in Copenhagen. Please contact the CVASC in advance to confirm the opening hours.

CVASC Contact Information:

(1) Telephone: +45 71859976 (10:00—12:00 on weekdays)

(2) Address: Lyngbyvej 28, st.tv. 2100, Copenhagen

(3) E-mail address: denmarkcenter@visaforchina.org

(4) Website: www.visaforchina.org

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